Smart Lighting System


ParkSonic’s Smart Lighting System can save over a 75% in energy consumption in comparison to more traditional alternatives
such as fluorescent strips, which leads to a fast pay-back (under 3 years).

It works mainly in two ways: by using the more efficient and cost-effective LED technology and by automatically
dimming down the intensity of light in areas where it isn’t needed.

Unique features

Smartest Design

  • LED: the best economical & eco-friendly choice
  • LED Plate designed to make the luminaire more durable
  • IP65 in ALL system: from the structure to the wiring
  • 90% recycable materials
  • 90K lifespan

Tailored Solution

  • Modular System: wide range of luminaries to achieve the best light uniformity
  • Optimal Wattage: It is analyzed the light fluxes to give the best possible illumination
  • A solution created by the parking and for it

Integrated Management

  • System and PGS are managed with the same software
  • Dimming Control: possibility to create different lighting scenarios based on occupancy factors

Solution benefits

Rapid pay-back & signficant monthly savings

  • Less than 3 years pay-back
  • Reduction of 75% on electrical consumption & 30% on power supply capacity
  • Protection against marine corrosive environments & water resistance
  • Environmentally friendly: in some countries eligible for up to 100% tax deduction
  • Largest product lifetime

Achieve the best illumination

  • Greater feeling of security and it avoids driving mishaps
  • Better lighting uniformity in all parking management

Ease parking management

  • Optimization of parking resources
  • Gain flexibility in parking’s off & peak hours

How do we provide the best lighting experience?

  • We carry out a study of the current lighting solution
  • We improve the quality / uniformity of lighting
  • We design an intelligent lighting solution for your parking
  • We bring down energy consumption and maintenanace costs
  • We define an optimal regulation mode
  • We optimize the lighting system in order to turn on the lights they are needed

Control flexibility (Energy saving potential)

Total Cost of Ownership