Parking solutions for smart cities

Better parking for better cities

As the world’s population keeps growing and the concentration of cars in cities increases, our society faces the significant challenge of global gridlock. Parking plays a major role in the solution to this problem, given that around 20-30% of the cars driving on a city’s streets at any given moment are looking for a parking space.

At ParkSonic we have the vision of working to overcome this challenge by doing what we do best: offering the technology and the solutions to improve mobility by making parking as quick, convenient and efficient as possible. The Smart Guidance Solution we offer is already helping cities achieve that by monitoring their parking spaces and directing drivers to the free ones, and we are currently installing the world’s first city-wide project with 100% of parking spaces monitored at Malaga, Spain.

The benefits of bringing in smart technology

Increased Mobility
  • Faster, more convenient parking from day one
  • Data compiled by our solution can inform better decisions on parking space distribution and pricing policy that can dramatically improve mobility
Increased Revenue
  • Greatly reduced staffing costs
  • Better turnover of parking spaces
  • Higher occupancy rates for the existing spaces
  • Increased revenue from parking infringements due to improved detection
Greener City
  • Fewer cars on the road means less fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and contaminants such as CO and NO2.
Better for Everyone
  • Increased foot traffic in commercial areas where parking is difficult.
  • Excellent parking experience for citizens
  • Better control of special parking areas such as disabled spaces, loading and unloading areas, taxi and ambulance stops…