Signage Solutions

Dynamic & Static Signage

Signage is the first element Users notice when they enter in a parking facility. Custom signage that help our clients achieve
optimal mobility inside/outside the parking space.


  • All Signage solutions are integrated to ParkManager software
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • IP65 in the enclosure
  • Panels can be integrated to any Client structure such as totems or compositions
  • Lower consumption
  • Arrow and cross signs to indicate open / closed areas
  • Possibility to create customizable panels to add advertising or sponsorship in dynamic signage (*)
  • Digital printing and backlight
  • High visibility distance
  • Possibility to print on both sides
  • High IP degree (IP75 in F.A and IP44 in panel)

ParkHelp provides a wide customized signage portfolio that includes the design and installation of digitally printed static signs or dynamic ones equipped with LED displays.

Signage features

  • Range 160: applicable for floor entries and exits, floor and area totalizators, approach speed limit areas (30 Km/h)
  • Real-time information on the availability status of the parking’s facility spaces
  • High visibility LEDs with adjustable intensity
  • Black panel background to accentuate contrast and ease visibility
  • Installation with monopanel or multipanel attachment of roof with steel rods
  • Arrow and cross signs to indicate open / closed areas
  • Wide range of customizable pictograms with backlight possibility
  • Low power consumption



Min. Length 400 mm
Max. Length 800 mm
Height 180 mm
Width 60 mm
Default depth (including case) 55 mm

Electrical Specifications

Consumption / continuous voltage 230 mA a 30
Power supply V24 – 30 Vdc
Communication bus RS-485 Isolated

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature range -20 to +60 ºC
Storage temperature range -30 to +70 ºC

Visibility Specifications

Digit size 120 mm
Optimum reading distance 48 m