Outdoor Parking Guidance System


Enhance outdoor parking management thanks to ParkHelp’s Outdoor Parking Guidance System.

The occupancy data collected by sensors is automatically fed to display signs located strategically within the parking facility to provide drivers with real-time data on the number of open spaces available in each area.

Unique features

  • Earth magnetic field detection of 98%
  • IP67 degree
  • Battery powered, up to 5 years
  • High immunity against electromagnetic & noisy environments
  • Wireless communication 433 / 868 / 915 MHz
  • The sensors are placed with bicomponent glue
  • Ergonomically designed with soft shapes and small dimensions easily integrated on the street

Solution benefits

  • Robust & immune against electromagnetic noisy environments
  • IP67: ultraresistant and suitable for saline environments and continue exposure to UV rays
  • Sensors & signage of worldwide use
  • Easy installation without civil work
  • Improve parking’s operating efficiency & CO emissions
  • Drives-up the predisposition to purchase

How does the Standard Parking Guidance Work?

  • Signage at the entrance

    The user will have signage at the entrance that will indicate how many parking spaces are available inside the parking lot.

  • Driver gets in front of the desired parking space

    Display signs will direct the driver to available parking spaces

  • ParkingManager Software is activated

    ParkManager Software controls the entire ParkHelp solutions and can be integrated with other 3rd party systems.

  • Driver leaves their space

    As the driver leaves, the surface sensor sends information to display signs updating parking availability.