ParkSonic represents the global leader in parking and mobility solutions. Our focus is on bringing smarter technologies that help businesses, institutions and municipalities create an unrivaled user experience, while making the switch as simple as possible for our Clients. At the core of our company is a commitment to innovation, as our partner’s in-house R&D team has continuously kept ParkSonic at the forefront of parking technology.

With the world’s first truly city-wide smart parking solution currently being installed in Malaga, our partner, ParkHelp, is also very active in developing new solutions and models for smart cities. Our expertise spreads across multiple sectors, installing our solutions in airports, hospitals, universities, and retail and leisure complexes, as well as municipalities.


Distributed by ParkSonic in the United States, Parkhelp’s technology has been tested over 510,000 parking places in 48 countries. We provide technology that has been proven across multiple sectors and types of parking facilities, our clients include the Methodist Hospital the leading hospital in Houston, international retailers such as Whole Foods or major International Airports.