We take care of everything

At ParkSonic we strive to simplify as much as possible for our clients the process of implementing our solutions. Our customers receive everything from a single source, as we take care of the whole chain from development to installation, and continue offering support after that.

Custom Solution

Upon taking on a new project, our first step is to design a solution that is tailored to fit the needs of each particular parking lot or garage.

We work with a wide range of products capable of adapting to all sorts of parking facilities of different sizes, mixes of outdoor and indoor spaces and architectural styles, making sure we meet your financial goals and mobility needs and ensuring you don’t pay for anything that doesn’t add value to your business.

On the other hand, the modularity and flexibility of our technology makes the solutions scalable so that they can easily accommodate extensions to deal with future requirements.

Professional Installation

To make sure we deliver on time and on budget, on-site staff members appraise the installation before agreeing on a timeline and final deal in order to determine all the elements that could affect the installation process. In case of retrofitting an already functioning facility, arrangements are made to minimize the impact of the installation on the ongoing day-to-day operations.

Our installation team participates in regular training events in order to ensure our standards of quality and professionalism continue to be met in every installation. Furthermore, to leverage the full extent of the experience garnered over many years across hundreds of facilities of all types and needs, the on-site team is always closely monitored by our central department.

All the solutions in our suite can be completely integrated with the products already installed by other suppliers, such as access control barriers, payment machines or pay-by-phone applications.

Ongoing Support

From the design stage of the process, we strive to make our solutions very low-maintenance. Should there be any technical problem, however, we offer several maintenance options designed to suit different client needs. In order to promote a speedy resolution of any such problem, when possible we make sure our systems are equipped to detect malfunctions so that we can proactively alert you.

Any ParkSonic project is assigned a single client support staff member that remains responsible for it throughout, so each client only interacts with one interlocutor that’s always familiar with the installation. Incidents can be conveniently filed and tracked via three different 24/7 support channels:

– Our online client support service, where you can open and track your tickets