License Plate Recognition System


Make parking faster and easier by swiftly guiding drivers to open parking spaces with our Premium Parking Guidance System. With the implementation of this solution, the parking facility can considerably reduce time to park, CO emissions and energy costs.

A new approach to manage parking sections and increase vehicle rotation. Enhance customer loyalty by giving them the new parking experience.

Unique benefits

  • Accurate information of all users that enter in the parking facility (license plate number, hour of entrance & exit, parking position)
  • Modular Solution. Guidance of the parked vehicle from the area to the parking space
  • Improvement on security and end-user service
  • Adaptable with any mobile app, displays or trhough ParkManager software.

What we offer

ParkHelp combines it single space guidance with the placement of cameras able to detect passing vehicles in areas of the facility. This system can be integrated with any display signs, mobile apps and our ParkManager Software.

Mobile Payment. Thanks to the license plate number recognition, the payment can be made through a mobile app.